Saturday, November 01, 2008

It is November already?

Happy the Day After Halloween!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast October flew by this year. I have to say that we had a blast. To start November off on the right note, I dutifully did my after Halloween shopping at Target this year and we are now full stocked on all sorts of plastic storage for the kitchen. This is kind of an annual tradition I have. I love to shop after the holidays and find things that are inexpensive that we can use all year. It certainly helps the budget!

The day before Halloween I finally got into the mood and had the girls help me decorate out front. I think this year is the first time we ever really decorated for Halloween - it was fun!

My sister came over earlier in the week and helped carve pumpkins. Didn't they turn out great?

The girls picked different costumes this year. Last year they were both pirates. Katie decided to be a witch (she’s been reading the Harry Potter series and is seriously into pretending magic and potions).

Hannah decided to be a Buc’s cheerleader and thanks to Katie’s friend Erica, we didn’t have to buy a costume for Hannah. Katie was sweet and did Hannah’s hair for her and Grandma Sue was here to tie in the ribbon.

I’m excited that our house warming party is in one week and boy do we have a lot to do - I hope I can get Jason off the couch to get some work done in the yard. The inside stuff I can do myself! Looking forward to the party I’m trying to finish up a little hybrid album to display with some recent pictures of the girls. Here’s the few pages I’ve made so far.

I used Julie Bullock's Tart n' Tangy (Shabby Pickle), Varsity Pewter Alpha from As You Wish Designs (Shabby Pickle), A Trip to the Zoo by Megan Fisher (Digichick)

I used Zoe Pearn's new Persimmon kit for this one.

I hope everyone has a great weekend - it's time for me to go clean. Bleh!

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