Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Treat Bags and Boxes Part III

Today I have two more cute Halloween themed treat boxes for you.  I'm having so much fun creating these...I'm going to have to find some new friends so I have enough people to hand these out to when this is all done.  LOL!

My first box is actually one I created last year and it's one of my all time favorite hybrid projects. 

My not so scary Dracula fang teeth box, uses a simple coffin box template I found HERE.  I printed the box template and constructed the box out of SU Basic Black cardstock.   I then worked from the template to create the box cover in Photoshop Elements.  I cut out the bat and bent its wings a little before adhereing to the box front.  I then created a slim card to slide in side -he, the saying!  I filled the box with some Carmel Apple Candy Corn that looked like bloody fang teeth (well at least a little).  What a cute little box to give to someone with a little sense of humor!

My second project for today using a cutting file for a box...the only thing is I didn't use my Cricut!  That's right.  A lot of the cutting files you can purchase for electronic cutting machines also .PSD files that can be used in Photoshop Elements (or other photoeditting software).

 I used The Cutting Files' Gift Basket template/cutting file to create this cute little party cup.    The digital kit I used is called Scary Confectionary by Julie Billingsley and Traci Reed available at the Sweet Shoppe.  I love the fun colors in this kit!!! 

To create the little treat basket I just opened the cutting file in Elements and then used it as a clipping mask to create the final project.  I made sure I used large shadows to keep the elements/decorations looking realistic.  I then printed out on to presentation paper and score, folded and assembled my box.  I chose to fill my little treat box with the yummy Ghost Marshmallows (which look oh so cute floating in hot cocoa!).  I think these are perfect little cups to put on a table for a party!

I'm working on part IV of this series, so check back with me closer to the weekend for the next installment.  Until then...happy hybrid crafting!!!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Treat Bags and Boxes Part II

Today I have a quick and easy trio of treats that are pefect for slipping in a little fun sized candy bar or a small bag of mixed treats.  These cute little pumpkins are basically made out of a modified matchbook template that stands up to allow your treats to be tucked inside.  These little pumpkin treats are economical to make too - you can get three to a print sheet so there is not alot of paper used to make these babies!

I used Penny Springmann's I Want Candy digital kit to create these projects.  It was the perfect kit because she includes lots of cute pumpkin eyes, notes and mouthes to decorate the pumpkin face. 

Here's how to make these cute little treat boxes:
1.  Use THIS TEMPLATE to create three strips of orange paper to be your base of your pumpkin.
2.  In the section marked face, create the face of your pumpkin.
3.  Lighten the scoring lines to blend a bit with your paper and delete the text layer. 
4.  Print your pumpkins, trim, score and fold.
5.  I added some felt ribbon for the stem and then some green with white polka dots ribbon tied in a simple bow for the leaves.  You could even skip this step if you wanted. 
You're done - really it's that easy!

Wouldn't these be super cute to hand out to class full of kids or even at work.  You can adjust the width of the bottom fold (where the candy sits) to accomdate a larger or small sized treat.  If you are traveling with these I do suggest you adhere your treat to the bottom of the box so that you don't have candy flying everywhere (not that happened to me or anything.  LOL!)

If you'd like to see some more cute ideas for packaging....check this out!  The Blackberry Vine