Friday, September 23, 2011

Halloween Hybrid Boo Package

Yeah for the first day of Fall!!!! It's my favorite time of year!  To celebrate I put together a little Boo package to give to a co-worker to kick of the annual giving of a little Boo gift around the office (works great in neighborhoods too!)

This project was very simple to create!  I used Lliella's Designs Halloween Doodles digital kit to create the card on the top of the box and the "I've been Booed" sheet inside.  Using Photoshop Elements I created the outside and inside card panels which were affixed to a orange cardstock card on the top.  I create the "I've been Booed" sheet on the same print sheet (also in Elements) so I only needed to print one time.  Here's what my print sheet looked like:
After printing I trimmed, mounted and was ready to fill my recycled product box.  Inside the box I tucked a bag of the Brach's Autumn mix (a classic Fall treat in my book) and some homemade ginger cookies tied with white sheer ribbon.  To tie the box closed I cut two slits in the front of the box and slid the ribbon through the holes and tied.  The black ribbon and button were hot glued on.

Here's some more pics of this fun project.  I hope you will give it a try!!!