Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hybrid Craziness!

Fridays and Saturday mornings are always crazy for me. I work with three designers that release on Saturday at the Sweet Shoppe. Heaven and craziness all in one! Friday night dates with a glue stick instead of my hubby, heck I don't really mind.

So here's what I've been up to this week:

Traci Reed's - My 'Magination
Mini Composition Books - the perfect size for my purse!! Love it! I also love this fun and funky paper and the sayings in this kit.

To make the books I simply measured the size of the notebook plus about 1/4" around to have room to trim. The spine is a seperate piece that is about 1.5 to 2" wide. For the Reality notebook I used my new scalloped edge punch to dress it up.

Penny Springmann and MandaBean's - Anticipation
I just love this kit - the little tops and pants are just adorable. I think this would make an awesome shower theme. The finished product is 5"x7". Some cute little favors and cupcake toppers would be the perfect accompaniment to round out this party!

Eva Kipler and Lliella Designs - Ladies Night Out
Hybrid Gum Favors - what a fun thing to give out prior to a Bachelorette Party, Girls Night Out or a really fun birthday party. I'm thinking that after you use the gum you could use the wrapper as a cover for a mini album with pictures from the party. Hmm...going to have to try that!

So now that I've overworked my glue stick - it's time to do some calendar pages. Oh- it's going to be a fun day of college football and my computer. If only my computer was powered by the treadmill, maybe my diet would be doing better.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Matchbox and a prize

I'm participating in Kelleigh Ratzlaff's Blog Hop today - I'm so freakin' excited! Just to celebrate this fun occassion I tried out one of Kelleigh's new templates - Matchbox Template Set. This is the large version and it came together really quickly. I can see lots of potential for this box!!!

Here's my Happy Birthday version featuring Traci Reed's Happy Go Silly kit (Sweet Shoppe)

I simply used Kelleigh's easy template as a clipping mask to digitally cut out the box template from the brown bag paper. I then created a seperate accent rectangle for both the bottom box and the outside wrap. I printed all items on presentation paper and then used a paper trimmer to cut out. I used a piece of light green cardstock and my new scallop punch to create the green border for the wrap. The happy birthday to you circle was created in Photoshop Elements using pre-made circles and the alpha from Happy Go Silly. For assembly I simply used glue stick and double stick tape. Really - a cute project that can be done in little to no time!

Check out the Matchbox template at The Digichick. It's on sale for only $2.97 - what a steal!

I plan to tuck an I-tunes gift card inside so Katie (10) can give this to her BFF Erica for her birthday this weekend. Do you think this is cute enough to impress an eleven year old? I hope so...I wouldn't want to be the "uncool" mom!

Would you like to win a $10 Gift Certificate to Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs? If so, go check out all of the Creative Team Member's projects, then head over to Kelleigh's blog and leave a comment. Tell Kelleigh which project you liked the best, or which project you can see yourself doing next.

Want another chance? Twitter about the blog hop and leave another comment on Kelleigh's blog! Facebook it, and leave another comment for another chance! Kelleigh will pick a winner by this Friday evening.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Some fun new hybrid stuff

I've been on a "neglect my blog and make some hybrid goodies streak" recently. So...check out what I've been doing instead of actually writing on my blog.

Hannah's 7 Badge Book and Keep It Box
Featuring As Good As It Gets by Eva Kipler and Penny Springmann (Sweet Shoppe)

Brown Bagging It Hybrid Style
Check out Eva Kipler's Blog for instructions on how to make all three of these fabulous brown bag projects using Eva's awesome kits!

Perpetual Babysitter Note Board
Featuring Baby Steps by Traci Reed and Meghan Mullens (Sweet Shoppe)
I hear this might be a freebie on Traci Reed's blog this coming weekend *wink, wink*

Popsicle Thank You Cards
Full instructions on Penny Springmann's Blog - you know these are super simple and make you look brillant with other crafty moms!

As for some whitty comments and pics of the kiddos- maybe tomorrow, or maybe not. Depends how much time I get with my glue stick tonight! he, he