Wednesday, January 13, 2010

365 - Week 2

I'm home from work today recoverying from some outpatient surgery yesterday. I'm feeling way better than I had expected (Yipee!). Seemed like a good time to update some pictures before I start working on some new hybrid projects.

This week's day markers are from Traci Reed and Meghan Mullen's 27365 Kit available at the Sweet Shoppe. Not only are their date markers, but there are some kick butt frames and templates included.

Day 8 - Well, no one is perfect. I didn't take a picture on day 8, quite frankly I forgot. I did go to an old fashioned crop at a local scrapbook shop with my good friend Kirsten. We had fun chatting and I finished all the basic layouts in my mini sisters book. Now I need to journal and embellish but I'm leaving that for this coming Friday. :)

Day 9 - The cold snap continues!
The high was 39 degrees in Tampa for the day. It was the first day Hannah took her new ADD medicine and she did awesome on it. Only one little dizzy spell and she wasn't very hungry - but no other side effects. We took Katie out to visit the IB Middle School to see if she was interested in trying something different next year. I forgot to take my camera, bleh. It's a really neat program and Katie has signed up for the lottery. We're crossing our fingers and hoping for some good luck that she will get chosen to attend. After a yummy lunch we dropped Katie off at her girlfriend's house and Jason, Hannah and I went to Wal-Mart to do some shopping. Jason bought a bread machine (saved me from having to buy it for him for Valentine's Day). Our day rounded out with some homemade chili, Jason and Hannah making bread, and watching the movie Up while snuggled up under one big blanket.

Day 10 - Money, money, money!
Holy Guacamole Batman - Hannah is rich! It seems the ADD medicine has a side effect of liking to organize things (I'm so hoping this side effect stays and I can get Hannah to organize my cupboards in the kitchen - does that make me a bad mom?) So Hannah and I spent the morning in her room cleaning and low and behold I found $50+ in Hannah's closet. So for the next hour or so Hannah counted down to the penny and realized she finally had over $100 in cash. She had been trying for months to get to this goal all because Katie got a $100 bill for her birthday. So, one very excited girl brought all her money to the bank of dad and asked for a $100 bill. Thankfully Jason happen to have the $100 bill Katie got for her birthday in his wallet (it was on it's way to the bank). So here's Hannah with her first ever $100 bill in hand. Now it's time for it to go to the bank where she can't lose it!

Day 11 - Make a Wish!
While helping Hannah study for her spelling test she asked me why we never break the wishbone when we have chicken or turkey. (wishbone is one of her words this week) With a little twinkle in his eye, Jason sauntered over to the sink and grabbed the wishbone from the Christmas turkey breast he smoked. The wishbone has been sitting there drying for weeks but with all the comotion of after Christmas we had forgotten to have the kids break it. So Katie took one end, Hannah took the other and Hannah won - but she forgot to wish before it broke so she was upset. There always has to be some kind of drama! I wonder what she wished for.

Well, I'm off to do some hybrid creating before I have to shower and pick the kids up from early release day. I'll be back tomorrow (I hope) with some projects for you all - finally!


DawnMarch said...

Love your photos and the stories that go with them! Congrats to your DD for saving $100!

Lena said...

I'm seriously giggling at you finding $50 in her closet. What an odd thing to find in a child's closet! Good for her for saving though! :D

Laura said...

I wanna find $100 in my room! :p Great photos and I love the stories that go with them!

Traci Reed said...

hehe awww thanks :) Fabulous photos Juli! I love the way they tell stories!

Nonnie said...

Such great stories! I had to laugh about the bread machine! I bought one for me I thought, turns out my husband LOVES it and makes bread in it all the time! Glad to know he isn't the only one!!

Vanessa said...

I totally wouldn't find $50 in my closet! That's awesome.

She looks so happy!

Tabatha said...

Love your photos! I wish I could find that much money in my room. Maybe I'd feel like cleaning more often LOL!

~Angie said...

LOVE your pics and can somebody come clean my room! So glad she got her $100 bill :)