Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 for Tuesday

I've got an 8 am meeting at work this morning so this is going to be quick.

Today's 10 for Tuesday is...

1.  Back to school shopping
2.  Hybrid Mini Scrapbook albums that have a clean design
3.  When my kids sing the quacamole song and shake their hips
4.  The thought of buying my laptop bag from a place call Big Bad Bags (Can I get one that is pink and black with a skull on one side and then orange with a pretty flower on the other - I need something to help me define my two sideness)
5.  Quilting fabric with neat designs
6. Craft fairs/farmers markets
7. Pedastal cake stands (preferably in white)
8.  Homegoods (period - the whole store)
9.  The sound of Hannah and Katie laughing
10.  When my husband gives me a compliment

Okay - so here's hoping early morning meeting plus mid-afternoon meeting (no lunch) means getting to come home early today.  Keeping my fingers crossed - this house needs some cleanin'


Amanda said...

I love this idea for Tuesdays. May I borrow the theme of the day?!


Kathy F said...

Hey Juli! It's Kathy here (from the cruise). I am so excited I found your blog (through two peas). I've been loving reading your posts. I especially love the picture of the slurpee on the dashboard, tell Jason I think it's a cool idea too! Anyway, say hi to Jason and the kids, I told Kelsey she is long overdue to send a letter to Katie! talk to you soon! KATHY